Our Story

We provide exclusive luxury Vacation Homes situated on the coats and in the inner land of the Istrian region.

The Concept behind the Project

Istria, known since Roman times as Terra Magica (Magic Land), with its history and distinctive landscapes, has been a strong inspiration to us in the creation of contemporary vacation solutions. Increasing client demand has directed us towards high-end creative solutions featuring top-notch design as priorities in the architecture and construction of the Ceja vacation homes. The local environment and lifestyle are at the roots of our idea creation and creative model construction. Architectural modeling and design pose the challenge of preserving the local Istrian ecosystem while defining innovative construction solutions able to satisfy the most modern needs of our clients seeking relaxation and enjoyment.

Building on the mentioned principles, with the designs of the Ceja vacation homes we want to show how architecture, and in particular the house typology, can offer answers to the increasing awareness and demands of the real estate market, tired of monopolistic and generalist solutions, by offering new creative models of sustainable space development. Our concept calls for comfortable and modern vacation homes thanks to the maximal enhancement of each location’s qualities. 

Interview with the Architects

Today’s way of life and our clients’ demands have given us a direction in the creation of the unique, modern, and comfortable Ceja vacation villas situated in remarkable natural locations. The unique experience of the Istrian landscape and its colorful views blend into one with the interior spaces of our villas to create a distinctive environment for relaxation and leisure.

Innovation in ideas and construction is what our clients value the most; quality of materials and systems ensuring long-term functionality, durability, and comfort are our priorities in the construction of Ceja vacation homes.  

“There are many examples of newly constructed stone estates or neoclassic villas that look like they were built in a different era in the past.  Parked in front of them are fast cars with GPS, the homes have under floor heating with heat pumps that can be remotely turned on with a cell phone, electronic stations monitor lighting, alarm, and integrated PA system. However, the concept has to be true in all its elements; in the interior and the exterior. The project needs to place the conceptualized building in the exact time and place of its creation “- emphasize the Ceja Vacation Homes architects Dean Peteh and Lina Stepančić.

Total freedom in the design and creative shaping of the architectural solutions of the Ceja villas in Premantura and Motovun have benefitted from our expert team’s full potential.  

The challenge and the responsibility of transfusing contemporary ideas into reality have shaped three unique vacation homes. We have conceptualized comfortable and contemporary villas enriched with the quality of different but equally attractive locations of the incredible Istrian landscapes.

Are you looking for an exceptional vacation villa in the most southern part of Istria? Set your view sailing into the blue and green shades of the Adriatic Sea from the comfort of your home.  Villa Premantura enjoys a premium location enhanced by its unusual concept with the living room and the terrace on the highest floor to provide exceptional views of the sea and the vegetation of the protected Kamenjak landscapes at a width of over 200°.

Do you prefer the charming atmosphere of the inner Terra Magica? Set your view sailing through the river Mirna and peek into the secrets of the woods where truffles, the Istrian gold, are hidden. Motovun Villas are positioned on a high hill enjoying views of the medieval town of Motovun and the river Mirna valley. The living room areas on the higher floors provide exceptional sights and maximal comfort. The living spaces of both villas are developed towards south, enabling privacy of the terrace, pool and other outdoor spaces. 

Our work has produced final results we are very satisfied with. Through these projects we were able to make the most of the possibilities provided by these unique locations. We will continue working in the same manner with Ceja projects, and that makes us happy.

Indigo Architectural Studio, Pula
Architect Dean Peteh founded his private studio in 2005. Architect Lina Stepančić has been with the firm since its foundation. Today the team counts on four architects: Dean Peteh, Lina Stepančić, Marko Hajdarović, and Iris Roce.

The Indigo team counts over 350 completed projects in its portfolio ranging from residential buildings, such as family or vacation homes, to several apartment, commercial and touristic constructions projects, as well as reconstructions, renovations, and conversions of heritage structures.

Ideal and innovative space solutions together with optimal enhancement of features at each location are our priorities in every project. Our expertise spans from autochthonous-ambiance shaping to modern and progressive designed buildings. Together with aesthetic value, functionality of the structure has always been at the center of out attention. We strongly believe that any home, regardless of its traditional or modern expression, must embrace both elements.